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About Me

About Adeyinka

Adeyinka Adegbenle MBA, PMI-PMP is a former financial services professional turned Author | Excellence Strategist and Excellence Coach. Her goal and life’s purpose is to equip leaders with transformational habits and systems of excellence. Adeyinka believes that excellence is choosing to rise above average or mediocrity. A person or organization will start to see measurable improvements and results, once a concrete decision is made to rise above being average. She has helped many to obtain outstanding measurable results through teaching and equipping them with dynamic habits and systems of excellence.

My Story

For many years, Adeyinka operated in mediocrity. She was undisciplined in many areas of her life and as a result got poor results. This left her miserable and despondent for many years. It was not until she made the conscious decision to rise above mediocrity that she started to see changes, and the positive results she longed desired. She realized that to get extra-ordinary results in life, one must take extra-ordinary measures. Adeyinka recognizes that the main key to the great results she now experiences is deliberately choosing to consistently operate in excellence in all areas of her life.

Excellence is pervasive. Once a person chooses to become excellent in one area of life, in no time, that decision will impact all other areas of life. Adeyinka has spent years gaining mastery on habits and systems of excellence that continue to yield outstanding results for her. She now teaches these systems and habits to her clients.

Adeyinka is a graduate of Long Island University, New York, with an MBA in International Business Relations. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. She is also a Certified Project Manager – PMI-PMP.

When she is not writing or working with her clients, you will usually find Adeyinka taking long nature walks, or trying new baking recipes. She lives on Long Island, NY, with her husband and three children.

JOAB, KING DAVID's top general

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The lessons and principles in this book are all very applicable and relevant to today’s leader.

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