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Coaching Packages

Select the right package that best fits your needs:

Package A

New to coaching and best for first time clients

What’s included?

$369 Only

Package B

Best for clients that require strong accountability during the coaching process:

What’s included?

$699 Only

Add on Sessions**

1 hour Follow Up or Strategy Session


**Add on Session can only be purchased with packages.

Knowledge Base

Discovery Sessions

Designed to identify pain points/ specific areas for which you require coaching.

Strategy Sessions

Designed to provide solutions (processes and systems) that will help you get your desired results, and move you to that place of EXTRA-ORDINARY LIVING!

Follow Up Session

Designed to review and evaluate the progress made using solutions provided during the strategy sessions. In this session, we also discuss your long-term goals and ways to achieve them.

Accountability Partner

I will not only serve as your coach but also your accountability partner during the coaching process.

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